As an extension to my blogging anniversary week, I wanted to invite you all in to take a look back with me at some of the top moments we’ve shared here at Randall’s Review. In two years, I have written a modest 86 Posts, most of which I’ve struggled to get the occupants of my own household to read, and yet they have now been read across 54 Countries around the globe.

I know, right? I’ve had residents from Hong Kong and Singapore reading about my “Wooden hand” in Two truths, One lie, while others from Guadeloupe and Taiwan came to read about my daughter’s milestone in Hadley’s first word. To me, the chance to connect to all corners of the globe is incredible, and seeing a post reach a new destination really puts things into perspective. However, there’s always that other side to me. “I’ve got two United Arab Emirates if someone wants to trade for a North Korea?”

I live in a small town where dwellers never leave, and the only time anyone has gone viral was through the transmission of Hepatitis at the communal swimming pool.

My Top Performing Post came fairly early into my two years, with It Gives me great pleasure to announce, a post that has been read 562 Times.

I know, right? Even as I write this, I only have 120 followers here, 40 on Facebook, and one that follows me from behind his net curtains on my way to work, which is why I never really look at these numbers any more, as nice as they are to see rise. At a (not even) close second, comes Letters to Ava, with 255, and Parting ways a closer third, with 249.

I still have a strange relationship with the comments section of these pages. I generally view them in the same way that I would a dead body that’s washed ashore. A large part of me says to stay away. Don’t go near. While another part of me says, you know what, if I prod it with a stick just right, I bet I can make it fart. And that’s basically where I’m at right now.

My Favourite Comment I received came from the Whitechapel Whelk on September: The one that was wet and wild, but it also doubles as my Most Embarrassing Moment. Basically, the comment was in regards to a statement I made about Trump serving as “.. a stark reminder to us all, for what happens when you leave a potato out in the sun..” to which the Whelk flattered me with “.. a descriptive observation that Laurie Lee would proudly claim..” After Googling Laurie Lee (don’t judge me), this seemed like high praise. Too high. My insecurities got the better of me and I began to wonder if this was in fact a deep level of sarcasm that was far beyond even my own comprehension. Given their brilliant satirical pieces, this felt entirely plausible. I must have stared at the comment for a week before I realised I’d missed my window of opportunity. If you’re reading this Whitechapel, I tip my hat to you. Touché.

My Proudest Moment, although common around the blogosphere, was when I received a recognition award. My one and only. And I think that’s what makes it all the more special. I’ve taken breaks to write my novel, to write NFL game previews for my employer, and another just because. I think looking back is a great way to see how far we’ve actually come, because it makes us realise how far we can still go. If none of my milestones seemed possible two years ago, then I can only imagine how I’ll be surprised in another two. Thank you for the memories.

Do you have a favourite post or favourite series, or perhaps even a favourite blogger? I’d love to hear in the comments.


This has been Randall’s Review, still laughing through one year at a time…

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