Having recently connected this blog to various outlets on social media, it is now accessible via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the very first time. Not that I’m fluent in either of them. I’ve often neglected the social aspect of social media, choosing instead to solely focus on writing content for my blog from behind the scenes, before flaring up from time to time like a bad case of thrush. I want to rectify this. I want to be more welcoming and more interactive with my audience, so that I can create a far more enjoyable experience as a whole. With the stage now set, I’d like to relaunch Randall’s Review by extending a warm hand to all visitors, both old and new.

To show that I’m at least planning on taking this blog more seriously, I’ve spent some time organising future posts into categories. I realise that those who come here often do so for different reasons, and therefore I need to tailor my output accordingly, while also giving myself some much needed direction.

The Monthly recap is the first theme that I began to work on with a fixed slot, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it’s format. It’s a blend of dialogue, world news, personal misadventures, reviews, and acknowledgment of my fellow bloggers. They’ve been some of my most well received posts, and I’d like to take inspiration from this moving forward, as well as to thank those for it’s continued support.

With the monthly recap here to stay, I’d like to introduce some recurring features that will now appear on a monthly basis:

We Need To Talk About…

A title I first played with last month in regards to Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios, and inspired by the Lionel Shriver novel, We need to talk about Kevin. Under this title I’ll be writing about the subjects I’m passionate about, or that I want to bring to your attention from my own style and point of view.

Writer’s Corner

As I step up my ambitions to publish my short stories and beyond, I’ll be creating a space to bring updates and to discuss the trials and tribulations, as well as the magic of imagining your very own world into existence. This is a whole new frontier for this blog, while I’m fully aware that “aspiring author” is fast becoming the new vegan.

The Randalls

Adding the personal touch, it’s not escaped me that I have another audience that enjoys the sentimental flavour above the dry courses on offer. Aside from the open letters to my wife and daughters, this will be a place to delve deeper into my family life and to share in my greatest of influences and inspirations.

As well as these regular features, I look forward to more “Two truths, one lie” and other one-off entries in the future. Most importantly of all, I’d love your input. What do you like? What do you dislike? (sandwiched between two compliments if possible..), What would you enjoy reading in the future?

Leave a comment or message me on Facebook, or by email at randallsreview@outlook.com

Another thank you to all for your continued support. Remember to always laugh through one day at a time