Whether on a business excursion or even in the classroom, the chances are you would have come across the dreaded “Ice breaker” or “Team building” exercise at one point or another. A couple of two-word phrases that when used in any kind of formal sentence, strike the same foreboding sense of fear as “President Trump” or “Lube up”. These exercises can be traumatic in every sense of the word, yet there is one format in particular that I feel has some solid potential. The Two Truths, One Lie scenario. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, the rules are rather simple. Each individual within the task presents two truths or facts about themselves, while also telling one lie. The other participants are then encouraged to pitch questions in order to determine fact from fiction.

I’ve been quite intrigued about incorporating such an idea here, allowing me to share some whimsical tales that otherwise have very little context, while also maintaining an air of ambiguity. Outlandish truth or ridiculous yarn? Sometimes it’s better not knowing.

Truth or Lie

Unknown to all those close to me, I am the founder of a second blog, one that I have penned anonymously for a number of months. Amongst other things, this blog mainly features poetry inspired by the life and works of Ryan Gosling. To give you a taste of the kind of material that I’ve produced, I’d like to share a short piece written from the perspective of Ryan’s accomplices during the opening scenes of the movie, Drive.

Hark, what sound that purrs beneath your bonnet, 

Steals my breath that I may not speak.

Hands kissed by leather, take thy wheel,

Deliver me to paradise on the backseat of your Chevy. 

Kill the light for it doth shame us,

The sirens call to shackle my thoughts.

Thoughts that whisper so clear and true,

Intentions that feed on lustrous desire. 

Oh, that I were the wood between your teeth,

That I might touch those lips.

Truth or Lie 

Winter is by far and away the least desirable of all the four seasons, yet there is one unique thing in life that only appears during the winter months. My “wooden hand”. For reasons unknown to modern science, whenever I pull on a pair of gloves for the first time in the season, things happen. Cupping a hand into a suitable shape, I hold it rigid and maintain character through a whole host of mundane activities. I’ll always remember the moment my wife discovered this particular quirk(?).

“Honey, are you okay?” She asked with all sincerity, casting a concerned look at my hand as I flicked through a shelf of birthday cards.

“Oh this?” I gestured, unfazed. “I’m just pretending I have a wooden hand.”

Assuring her that all was well, I explained the story behind the little “game” that I play with myself. Over the course of the next few minutes my wife remained speechless, holding a searching look on her face as if she was trying to remember the “safe word” her mother had taught her. Like a deer in headlights, this was the moment my wife discovered the true kind of man that she had married.

Truth or Lie

Growing up, I never had a guiding hand with my musical knowledge. Instead, I was subjected to excruciating car journeys to the soulful sounds of The Drifters and The Stylistics, while occasionally shit would get turned up to eleven and I’d pop it to a little bit of ABBA or Bucks Fizz. Because of this, the UK hit 40 show on a Sunday night became my outlet to search for the “good stuff”. To this day I can sing the entire back catalogue of the Backstreet Boys with the voice of a teenage pop sensation. I’ve long since moved on and discovered the music that made me the person I am today, but there will always be this underlying demon singing “I want it that way” in the depths of my soul.

Two truths, one lie. Sometimes it’s better not knowing.