Well, that escalated quickly. In hindsight, January’s posts were a little too bleak for the majority of readers. What began as a joyous celebration of our one year anniversary quickly descended into madness. Lessons were learned. Believe it or not, accompanying a post with a picture of mass genocide, however beautifully imagined, is not the way to draw in readers. As artistic expression goes, I guess this is where we’ll draw the line.

January has long been crossed off the calendar, so it’s a little unorthodox to be recounting the month’s events now they’re fully behind us, but I wanted to set myself a regular assignment with the purpose of adding a little structure to all this chaos. I’ve decided it’s important to include a regular theme so we all know a little of what to expect in future, steering this blog away from the politicians and the global atrocities, and giving it back to you, the people…

The main reason for the delay, I won’t lie, has been a brief case of writers block, at least of any positive material. So, when the thought of a monthly recap popped into mind, I knew I couldn’t possibly begin from February, that’s like starting a diet on a Tuesday, and that way madness lies.

So, what happened?

Between the record breaking inauguration crowd and the eye-opening revelations regarding the Bowling Green Massacre, January fast became the month of alternative facts. There’s been some absurd stories. If January had continued any longer, we’d have soon heard Sean Spicer addressing the world regarding President Trump’s newfound respect for women after gagging on his toothbrush. In alternative news, Leicester City FC claim aliens stole their talent for an exhibition game with the Looney Tunes, while a music fan has finally discovered the name to that Queens Of The Stone Age hit.

What have we been watching?

To share a guilty pleasure of mine, Australia’s next top model has been feeding my oestrogen levels anticipation for the return of the British version, while the commercial breaks have really given me a wealth of knowledge regarding feminine hygiene. If I had to sell the show to anybody, I would have to describe it as an episode of Master Chef, where every dish is generously seasoned with hairspray and insecurity. If this isn’t a desperate plea for The Walking Dead, I don’t know what is.

No, really?

Okay, so for those looking for a brief miniseries to see them through to The Walking Dead, Netflix offers the 6-part, Jason Momoa led Frontier. Think of it as a spin-off to The Revenant, as imagined by the guys at the discovery channel. It doesn’t set the world alight by any means, yet you can rest assured that another season is already commissioned, I’m looking at you, Marco Polo. Then there’s the BBC’S Taboo, starring Tom Hardy, written by Tom Hardy, and produced by Tom Hardy, it also includes an insane amount of Tom Hardy.

What have we been reading?

This is the part I’m excited to share with fellow members of the blogging community, which after a year, I’m finally seeing myself a part of. I read a lot of blogs, often around topics I wouldn’t usually be drawn to, but in doing so, I have stumbled across a lot of hidden gems. Have a few minutes? Head over to The Ramblings of a Madwoman, who’s blog has often given me little pointers and creative ideas, including the Sunday writing prompt, which always throws up a unique narrative.

Who have we lost?

January 25th saw the sad loss of John Hurt, an actor I held by the highest esteem, not least for the fact I read almost everything in his voice. Books, comics, terms and conditions. I don’t know if it’s the legacy he planned to leave behind, but it’s one that’ll live on with me.

This has been Randall’s Review, laughing through one day at a time…

Coming next month: Join me as I take a long overdue trip to the dentist. We’ll discuss the emptiness of being alone on Valentines Day. And we’ll analyse how my addiction to Ibiza Weekender is threatening to destroy what little credibility I have left.