It was a year ago today that I began this blog on a whim. Just a fleeting thought that had crossed my mind while casually sailing through another grey day in January, doing all I could to avoid cleaning the dishes. We have come so far. Yes, we. It has been a commitment that’s relied on more than just my willingness to put “pen to paper”. This anniversary is owed to all those who have visited this page over the year. The avid reader. The curious occasional. The accidental passer-by. Each and every one of you has given my writing purpose.

On a personal level, it has been a year of incredible highs and heart-breaking lows, none of which were foreseen. Each day has brought a brand new surprise, and while I haven’t posted every day, far from it in fact, I have done my very best to provide a cornucopia of material for your reading pleasure. Anything from heart-warming tales, thoughtful musings, and basic(!) political insights, all entwined in my own little web of humour(?).

It’s hard to put a label on exactly what this blog identifies as. Which I’ve realised is okay. I’ve read a lot of other blogs floating around over the past year from writers who are incredibly well drilled in their craft. Before starting out on my own, I’d never read another’s blog, and for that I’m glad. I had no external influences for what this blog should be. No underlying thoughts on what quantifies as a successful blog. None of that mattered. I suppose I was simply looking for an escape. Somewhere to spill words onto a page in a creative way. Connecting with people, without actually having to spend time with them. It’s beautiful.

To say I’ve had no creative influences in general wouldn’t be entirely truthful. Against my wife’s better judgement I’ve often admired The Guardian articles written by the sometimes controversial Frankie Boyle, a Scottish comedian with a uniquely poetic way of making me laugh hysterically while truly making me think. Which I later realised is like becoming a psychiatrist after admiring the work of Dr Hannibal Lecter.

I’m surrounded by influences that drive my creative ideas on a daily basis, from Neil Gaiman and Brian K Vaughan, all the way to Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino. Yet, it wasn’t until I began this blog that I realised my biggest influences are my family. I feel myself bringing them up on a regular basis like one of those overly proud parents who flaunts to the world their three year old’s work from art class.

“Hey, check out this painting of a horse that my daughter made today,”

“Wow, that’s really great. Is this before or after the horse went through a meat grinder?”

While my love of particular fiction has driven my creative ideas, it’s my wife and daughters’ influences that have given them heart. Characters that are more than just words on a page. I’ve always been defeated by knowing I’ll never be close to becoming a best-selling author or screenwriter, however, this blog has taught me that a little modesty can go a long way. I do all of this out of sheer pleasure, and if I should take anything from this past year, it’s that I owe it to myself to share my stories. It doesn’t matter if it connects with just one person or 100, the experience is universal.

Away from this blog I intend to feed my creative monster, while the next year undoubtedly holds many more lessons to be learned. The Future is a road of endless possibilities, although I can guarantee this page shall continue to provide many more insights into the strange way I see the world, not to mention, the ever romantic dialogue that I share with my one and only;

Falling onto the sofa at the end of the day, my wife took my hand and teasingly caressed my forearm. Facing her, I noticed her gazing at me with suggestive eyes, gently biting her bottom lip as she edged closer.

“The toddler is down for the night,” She started, her eyes tracing my neckline.

“Yeah,” I replied simply, watching as her hand began to rest on my thigh, her warm palm radiating through my fresh cotton pyjamas.

“What are you thinking?” She asked, her lips forming a seductive smile. A pleasant sensation ran down my spine as I felt her breath on my neck. I leaned closer, brushing her auburn hair behind her ear.

“I was thinking about the new Alien movie,” I whispered softly  “And I was wondering if I would rather the Facehugger impregnated me through my mouth, or my butthole,”


It is my hope that together we can touch on many more of the big philosophical questions over the next year, and the years beyond that. Whether you have followed this blog via Facebook or through WordPress itself, I truly hope the experience has been as enjoyable for you as it has been for me.