My dearest Hadley, these are perhaps the first meaningful words that I’ve had the privilege to share with you. It wasn’t until you were born that I realised it was possible to miss somebody that I’ve never even met. To miss watching them sleep. To miss the warmth of their smile. To miss their face as they passed gas. And that’s just your mother. I am only kidding of course, I’ve met your mother.

I suppose it feels like a part of me is missing, yet at the same time I can’t recall it in any way. You’re like a Deja vu. It feels like my heart and soul has been torn into yet another piece. In a way, you are one of my three Horcruxes. I know comparing myself to Lord Voldemort isn’t the comforting words a daughter wishes to hear from their father. However, as you may be voicing a few concerns over this comparison, please rest assured that our noses are quite different.

At just three weeks old you are completely unaware of my absence, or even of my existence for that matter. Locked in a cycle of eat, sleep, repeat. Your knowledge of the world extends no further than a pair of breasts, which is in-fact already on par with the president-elect. Just as each passing moment brings us closer together, it also leaves behind a memory that will never be shared. No matter how hard that I wish for it, those moments will forever be lost to me. To us.

Time can be cruel, but nothing lasts forever, and that is why time is also beautiful. No matter how long your sister and I have spent apart, it only took a moment to heal it all. Just a single moment. Perhaps a bar of chocolate. Maybe a new toy. A trip to the park, but still… one moment. She is my best friend, deny it as she might. It also gives me great pleasure to invite you into our prestigious little club, no membership necessary. The perks are quite substantial too. There’s a complementary turndown bed service, free dental, and a bed time singalong.

I couldn’t be happier to welcome you into the family. For the benefit of full disclosure I am obliged to inform you that we do contain nuts, but I assure you that most of them are perfectly harmless. Your mother and I had been counting the days until your arrival, even your sister had been counting, and in multiple languages at that. I hope that you grow to feel pride in this multi-cultural heritage. I know I don’t bring much to that table apart from vowels and a little class, but I also bring more stories than you could ever grow tired of. All of this before creating the stories of our own.

You have an entire lifetime ahead of you. An entire lifetime to love. An entire lifetime to dream. Possibly the two most important things I could give to you. No matter what the world should throw your way, if there’s one thing I’ve learned with all that your mother and I have been through, It’s that these two things will see you through everything. Of course, if someone should offer you a substantial fortune then I’m sure a private yacht could go a long way too.

Your mother and I are possibly the biggest dreamers of them all, but why shouldn’t we be, when you are living proof that they come true. From the moment you were born I have been there with you. Watching over you. Protecting you. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but I have never been one for tradition, and neither should you.

Never be afraid to follow your feet. Break the mould. Tear up the rules. Challenge the establishment. This is your world now, and it can be whatever you choose. You’re only limited by the power of your imagination.

Dream big, my love.