We’re now well into December and Christmas has officially arrived in the Randall household. I’m not talking about the decorations or the Elf on the shelf, whereby certain privileges were removed this year for undisclosed reasons. It’s all about Netflix introducing downloadable content for off-line viewing. This is a true Christmas miracle. I know it’s not the 25th of December just yet, but if he was alive today, I know that he would also be hailing this as a true blessing. After all, it is upon his shoulder that we have stood for generations in our endeavours to become a better people. Here’s to you, Sir Isaac Newton.

The month couldn’t have begun on a more positive note. My mother bought me an advent calendar, and a Milkybar advent calendar at that. I don’t think there’s a grander gesture of maternal affection found anywhere in nature. I hereby take back all the horrible things I’ve ever said about her.

Entertainment wise, December has already been the gift that keeps on giving. The trailer for the latest Spider-Man reboot was delivered, and with it, another cold rejection for the role that I was born to play. Even more so when you realise this latest depiction sees Peter Parker assuming the role of Tony Stark’s bitch. If carrying around a Spider-Man lunchbox for the past 4 years doesn’t qualify me for the job, I don’t know what will.

Even the Transformers 5 trailer was dropped, and the inclusion of Anthony Hopkins aside, still doing its best to quash early reports that the latest instalment will include a plot. It won’t keep me from purchasing the movie, mind you. The film could follow Optimus Prime as he prepares to pass his latest MOT while simultaneously filing his tax returns, and I’d still be throwing money at the cinema cashier.

The real magic didn’t occur until one Christopher Nolan gave us the trailer to his latest epic, Dunkirk. There’s a trend forming here. Starring both Tom Hardy and Harry Styles, the sound of waves breaking isn’t just limited to the French shoreline. Promising everything that a Nolan film should. Star performances, beautiful cinematography, and a thundering score, all driven by a powerful storyline. If only he’d reply to my invite for Christmas dinner.

On the subject of entertainment, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks developing a new idea that I’ve been looking forward to launching over the festive period. As always, I’ve been my own worst enemy. If procrastinating is an art-form, I’ve mastered it. The other day I spent an hour of my morning shouting “Lumos” at my phone and giggling every time the torch came on. Just writing about it now has me tempted to take fifteen. Then again, with this Blog’s birthday just a month away, I look forward to treating it to something special. Until then, there are more movie trailers with my name on them.