My dearest wife, I will forever hold on to that day as one of my most cherished memories. Dressed all in white. The soft, pink petals. The sweetness that caressed my lips. There are just no two ways about it. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, that was truly the best cake I’ve ever tasted. Back then, I probably would have taken all of the credit. I did lend my expertise to the cake tasting process that saw to the finished article, but none of the wonderful events of that day could have possibly been brought to life without you. You are deserving of more credit than you know. The contagious smile that brings joy to a room. The gentle touch that warms the heart. The sense of humour that has me on my knees in hysterics. You, my love. You married that guy…

Does any of this hold true in reality? Of course not. Yet, for the past four years I have continued to develop theories and to test hypotheses for the one question that has baffled my universe; Why me?

In a world of seven billion people, the very idea of finding that one person who is your ideal partner is like Pepsi trying to find their name on a bottle of Coca-Cola. So, to have done the seemingly impossible has me questioning the very fabric of life as we know it. Should I believe in a higher power? There was a time that I believed in Harvey Dent, but we both know how that worked out.

To have fallen so hard and fast for one another could have been seen by some as mere folly. A foolish endeavour of two strangers who knew nothing about the other. For all I knew I could have fallen for an axe murderer, or worse, someone who eats a KitKat whole without breaking the fingers apart first. I’ll admit, there was a brief moment of pre-wedding jitters when I discovered the tube of toothpaste had been squeezed from the middle, but then I realised you were the woman who had seen me in my Batman underwear, and for reasons unknown to science was still willing to tie the knot.

It may come as a surprise to some, but I have a few quirks, most of which you have now experienced first hand. I could spend the rest of my life dwelling over mathematical equations and still be none the wiser to my burning question. What I can answer though, to an absolute degree of certainty, is why you?

Sometimes I deem the question as so incredibly obvious that I take your understanding of the facts for granted, like being able to list all of the original Pokémon in numerical order. Surely everyone knows that. What I don’t tell you every day is how proud I am to call you my wife and the mother of our two daughters. In four years of marriage we have experienced more than most and tackled countless obstacles. I remember the first time I introduced you to a much beloved comic book and you attempted to fold over the front cover like an animal. I realised then that if we could make it through something like that then we could make it through anything.

We have grown together from love-struck teenagers into the parents that we are today, yet I still see that same person I fell in love with all those years ago. You’ve had a Star Wars upgrade since then, but the hardware is still the same. The same smile that makes me giddy. The same laugh that gives me tingles. The same soulful eyes that look at me and see so much more than just the obsessive compulsive nerd with an impressive pencil collection.

I love you for our fits of laughter. I love you for the dreams that we share. I love you for the family we have created. I love you for the feelings you inspire within me.
Four years ago we started something, and I don’t think we will ever finish. From the very bottom of my heart I wish you a happy anniversary, my love.