It was not my intention to stray for many weeks, yet I regrettably found myself doing just that during the events that followed my most recent update. Things have been going relatively well to date, settling in to a new routine with the early part of the week now taken up with researching and writing the NFL previews. My first piece was a stiff test of self discipline as I was assigned the game featuring the Broncos and the Raiders.
“Be professional” I would tell myself over and over, while the Charger fan within me would yell all manner of absurdities. I was proud of the outcome and will be looking to use the same self control in the future, no doubt when my daughters ask me about the year 2016 and I have to muster an honest response that avoids the phrase “Clusterfuck”.

I had a blog written for the aftermath of the presidential election but there was just something inside me that found the whole thing a little distasteful. Perhaps one day I’ll dust it off, along with other forgotten material and release them as a kind of “Throw Back Thursday” – the day I thought a Gorilla couldn’t possibly destabilise the entire human society.

On a less pessimistic note, the December 5th due date is fast approaching. Over the past couple of weeks my wife has been suffering contractions, surprisingly a whole new experience considering this is her second pregnancy.
“I know I wanted to experience contractions. But I think I’ve changed my mind.” She confided after a cautionary trip to the hospital. Like any loving husband I thoughtfully expressed my sympathy and offered for any way in which I could ease her pain, while all the while thinking “Well, when you tread on a piece of Lego, barefoot, you let me know”

With the due date a mere two weeks away, the realisation that I won’t be there to share in the moment has really hit home. I had taken for granted just how precious those first memories are. The first cry. The first cuddle. The first time cleaning faeces from under my fingernails. These are the memories that I shall cherish long after my daughters have children of their own.

Not physically being there to support my wife and daughter has been tough to swallow, yet it has been a tremendous comfort to know that she is surrounded by some wonderful individuals. With this being the week of Thanksgiving, what better time is there to express some gratitude. I am truly thankful for the generosity and the kindness shown towards my wife during these unsettled times, and I couldn’t express enough appreciation if I tried. I am also thankful for my wife and daughter themselves, who I love and miss, more than they will ever know.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, America!