Tomorrow marks the start of a whole new era. A few weeks ago I applied for an opportunity at work as they advertised positions for sports writers, submitting an article previewing the Colts v Jaguars game being held in London that weekend. After a nervous wait, tomorrow is the day I receive my first assignment.

I have been given the job of writing previews for the NFL games shown Live on Sky Sports each week. I say job, its more like an unpaid internship alongside my current role. However, it’s most certainly a step in the right direction.

Okay, let’s backtrack. I know what you’re thinking; what does the guy from The Big Bang Theory know about sport?

A number of years ago, my closest friends and I would venture down to the local tavern to pick up women folk like every other testosterone fuelled gentleman. We would march up to the barkeep and order the finest Ale or Dr Pepper that £2.15 could buy, before proceeding to loudly discuss light refraction within a glass prism to signal our sexual availability. Until suddenly, our eyes were fixed upon the same beautiful figure standing alone by the men’s lavatory. We couldn’t help ourselves. One by one she let us each have a turn, but it never felt more right than when we all joined in together. Sure, she was a little rough around the edges. She’d been spilt on, spat on, in fact she was the kind of girl you wouldn’t take a UV light to. But she purred like a kitten and took everything we put inside her, no quarrels. She was fondly known as the Quiz Machine. At first she swallowed our spare change in what was a one way exchange of pleasantries, coming unstuck on our chosen category of Sport, until another friend made a valid observation about our conundrum.

“The three of you are the biggest nerds I know, so why do you keep choosing Sport over Science And Nature?”

He had a point. Before long we were reaping all kinds of rewards. It felt like a real life version of GTA when you have your way with a shady prostitute before clubbing her over the head to get a refund, only in this case we were using our knowledge of plant cells rather than a bat wrapped in barbed wire to beat her silly.

“Mitochondria, Bitch!”

I’ve never felt more “Pimp” than I did that day. We rolled out of that bar with the swagger of someone who’d just rolled a strike down at the bowling alley. Our victory cookie from the Subway down the street has never tasted sweeter.

Where was I going with this? I suppose I’m reminding myself that what I know and what I think I know, especially concerning sport, are two very different things. Perhaps less Jose Mourinho and more Robbie Savage. However, I must also remind myself that since that time I have gone on to work over six years within the sports betting industry, where unavoidable, even engaging in conversation with the punters/would-be England managers on the often trivial and benign. Until the Packers v Steelers Superbowl, I hadn’t even seen a Football game. Much has changed.

I believe it was a wise philosopher that once said “fake it ’til you make it” Perhaps I’ve actually picked up a few things along the way. With tomorrow offering a brand new door in which to walk through, I plan on jumping in with both feet.