I’ve always considered myself a face best suited to radio, so developing my own podcast seemed a suitable endeavour, until sadly realising I also have a voice best suited to writing. My wife had me thinking I came across like a James Bond figure, inviting her to take a ride in my Aston Martin so we could drive off into the sunset of Monte Carlo. When really, I just sound like someone trying to lure an unsuspecting child into the back of his transit van with nothing but a half eaten lollipop and a sherbet dip laced with cocaine.

It was an idea of mine to create a podcast as both an accompanying piece to this blog and another means of communicating with my family across the pond. It’s difficult finding time in our schedules to video chat as often as we’d like, and there’s always something about hearing the sound of a loved ones’ voice that has you feeling that little bit closer. However, why not go the whole nine yards and create a Vlog?

Before my wife and daughter left for the States, we had often toyed with the idea of creating our own Vlog as a document to our time in the UK together, as much as it was to pull her from the slump of overindulging in other Vloggers’ lives. Too often I’d come home from work in the afternoon and engage in casual conversation with my beloved about her day.

“Well, it was a busy morning actually,” She’d begin enthusiastically “Farris had an audition for a commercial so we rushed into town but the traffic was a nightmare. While she was auditioning, we went with Jimmy to the park to scope out a spot for a photography shoot he had coming up. Then at lunch, Nikki and John thought it would be a good idea if we tasted different kinds of baby food and guessed what they were. It was a hoot. Things really haven’t stopped on my end,” I let it all sink in for a few moments, befuddled by everything I’d just heard.

“You haven’t moved, have you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” She looked up at me from the sofa sheepishly, gently pulling over the blanket to conceal her pyjamas beneath.

My wife would be keen to point out that I may be paraphrasing. A little.

I wasn’t wholly convinced by the Vlogging idea until I had a major revelation; It’s the perfect alibi. The police will have nothing to go on but hours of archive footage depicting the perfect family man. How could they possibly pin my wife’s brutal bludgeoning on such a doting husband. I’m only joking of course. As if I would really leave a body for them to find. It goes without saying that eight seasons of Dexter changes a man.

Vlogging may not be something I’m comfortable to pursue at this current juncture, if ever, while on the other hand, Podcasting could offer a fun new narrative that I’m interested to explore. I’m a huge fan of the way various media forms can compliment and enhance an idea, and if my wife and daughters can listen to the man in their life as if he was sat in the very same room, I’m sure it’s a challenge worth undertaking.

The practicalities of podcasting have produced little in the way of potential. Early attempts at recording a few clips did nothing to crush the image of the predatory white van man, each play-back offering little but heavy breathing against a background of playful screams from the primary school next door. My only saving grace is my inability to grow a proper moustache.

I’m not much of a talker. I suppose that’s a fundamental problem for a podcast. I’m the guy who lurks on the edge of a group conversation, replying with the voice in my head rather than the one generally used in verbal communication. It’s all harmless fun until I “say” something witty and smile awkwardly to myself just as the conversation shifts to someone’s dead relatives.

It’s all trial and error. New ideas. Relationships. Life itself. Even this blog was a leap of faith. A way of pushing against the boundaries I’d created inside my head that stopped me from reaching some unknown potential. I can honestly say that I’ve loved every minute of it. Whether I could say the same for a podcast remains to be seen. But it is an idea, “and ideas are bulletproof.”