The other week I had the unexpected privilege of writing an article for a new magazine, ticking off a personal life goal in the process. The whole project is a collaboration of talented young individuals that I somehow managed to worm my way into, seemingly undetected. Kind of like chlamydia. It was an interesting new experience as a whole. Realising only shortly before submitting my article that this was of course a US magazine, I set about translating my work from English to American English, which basically consisted of deleting every “U” I could find, like some kind of personal vendetta.

Given the task of using this platform to raise awareness to a political or social issue, I dug deep (real deep) into my well of human compassion and wrote a piece about Colin Kaepernick, outlining my support. I’d worried for a brief time that my tone may not be fitting for such a complex subject, and yet I found very little to make light of on the matter, and this is a guy who plays for the 49ers, a humdinger of a joke in itself. As a Chargers fan I can say this without the faintest hint of irony.

Donald Trump was not without a mention of course. It’s only now after the revelations of Gene Wilder’s long standing illness that I understand why an Oompa Loompa was able to run for presidency, seemingly victim to the subliminal messages of Orange Is The New Black. Credit where its due, he’s finally started to make progress now he’s accepted that Barack Obama was indeed born on US soil, his next step then will be to concede that the world isn’t flat.

I can’t stress my support enough for Colin in his fight against social injustice. Some media sources were not so supportive however, even targeting his socks that portrayed a pig as a police officer. It’s as if the Looney Tunes were just a figment of my imagination, which as it happens would clear up a lot of things about my childhood.

Since I wrote my article there has been displays of solidarity all throughout the NFL in what seems to be only the beginning. The beginning of a new push towards the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and millions of others. Not all dreams can come true, of course. I will never be held aloft in the arms of Patrick Swayze as we sing “I’ve had the time of my life” at the top of our lungs. While other dreams can be reached in unexpected ways; I always wanted my own clone army, and now my wife is expecting our second child. However, when it comes to certain dreams there can be no half measures, requiring the efforts of a great many in its pursuit. I have no grand designs to make a difference in the world, neither do I feel capable of doing so, but I whole heartedly support those who do. I’ll be sure to keep ya’ll updated on the magazine release, as I myself am filled with great anticipation. Should all go accordingly, this could be the start of something wonderful.