Just a few days ago my wife and I were fortunate enough to discover the gender of our newest addition, and since that time I have found myself in an endless cycle of type, delete, repeat. Trying to find the words to share our news has proven more difficult than it truly ought to be. Having developed an initial first draft, I read through my work and noted the usual content; sarcasm, passive aggression, innuendos, a pinch of blasphemy, a cracking Sarah Palin joke, and just a hint of love and affection to prove I’m not a monster.

“Exactly the way I make love,” I noted proudly. Perfect. Only it wasn’t.

My wife and I had discussed all the various ways that we could announce the gender of our second child, from popping confetti filled balloons to cutting into a specially prepared cake. Each idea was pushed aside, until I was given the task of announcing the news via my blog. Which sat perfectly with me. Exploiting the news of our child for a little extra traffic is something I’m well equipped to do.

It wasn’t until I had finished the aforementioned draft that I realised I’d gone about things entirely wrong. Receiving the news from my wife was exciting, yet all too reminiscent of the day we discovered the gender of our daughter, Ava. Oceans apart. On the end of a phone. The thought of missing yet more time with another child of mine filled me with much regret and disappointment. The idea of losing out on more precious moments would have almost defeated me. Until of course, I realised I’m a very lucky man indeed.

My wife and I can happily announce that we are expecting another beautiful baby girl. 

To be the father of yet another wonderful daughter is something that trumps any negative feelings. It took me to think about the bond that I share with my precious daughter, Ava, to realise that difficult times can always be overcome to produce something truly magical. A magic that was missing when I wrote my first announcement.

I’ve often dreamed about having the love and affection of three beautiful ladies, or at least something fairly similar without elaborating on the details, and now I can look forward to just that. So what if I’ve suddenly taken up fishing again, or if I’m working on a Go Fund me page for a Garden Shed/Man Cave. This bears no correlation.

Having two daughters will no doubt bring twice the drama, twice the heartache, and twice the worry, but I will take twice the hugs, twice the joy, and twice the love, for absolutely anything.

To my precious little girl. I cannot wait to meet you. You are already loved by so many around you. We look forward bringing you into this beautiful world and surrounding you in love. Your (S)mother is a wonderful woman who will always have your best interests at heart, whilst your father is a handsome Pokémon Trainer. We are counting the days until we can post your pictures everywhere on Facebook. Please don’t be ugly. All my love. Daddy.