After hours, weeks and months of lengthy discussions, weighing up our options and the challenges that lay ahead, my wife and I have reluctantly decided to uproot our family home and start a new life in the US. Typical, just as everybody tries to flee the reach of Donald Trump, we’re flying straight into his clutches. I have to look at the positives though, there’ll be all the Panda Express I could eat and it’s one step closer to the space programme.

It’s been a difficult decision to make and one we’re not fully satisfied with, however, we have had to make the best of the options available to us. My wife’s visa is due to expire in April of next year, which means we have to apply around three months before this date for the extension, that’s assuming we meet the absurd requirements set by the wonderful Teresa-May-You-Die-A-Horrible-Death a further six months before that. With the deadline fast approaching, my wife expecting our second child and no clear solution presenting itself, we have decided to leap before we are pushed. Due to my wife’s circumstances, this said “leaping” has had to occur far sooner than we’d have liked, June 22nd to be precise, and more to the point, I shall be unable to join her for the time being.

Uprooting our family across nations is going to take much time and patience, fortunately the visa process for a spouse entering the US is far more forgiving (for now). It would certainly have to be. Yet everything has its price in the world of today.

My wife and I are no strangers to the challenges of a long distance relationship, having endured one for almost four years. It is not an ideal lifestyle but it is one that no longer phases us as we enter this next stage of our marriage. The hardest part shall be missing my daughter, who at three now, grows more aware by the day. The last thing we need is for her to be citing “Daddy Issues” to her psychologists when she drops out of school and tries selling her body outside the local swap meet. It shall be a tough transition for all three of us to bare, but should the odds be in our favour, a speedy transition would be everything we desire.

The thought of an approaching long distance relationship has got us mentally preparing for what lays ahead. During the last long distance spell my right hand became my absolute best friend. I’d be frantically bashing away most evenings whilst watching gossip girl or The Inbetweeners. It took about ten minutes a time at first but I managed to get it down to about two with practice, especially once I got a phone that I could use with both hands, boy, did messaging my wife become easier after that.

Always finding the time to talk to one another can be hard, what with the time difference and the daily lives that we both have to lead. It takes a lot of commitment and patience (there’s that word again) but it’s important to stick with it. With the advances in video calling since the temperamental Skype of yesterday, we are fortunate to have this technology at our disposal. It has been a life saver for my wife as she’s kept in touch with her family on a daily basis, and I can already tell it shall be heavily used this time around, prompting much more creativity on my behalf when insisting I’m not at the pub.

As we approach the unknown there is always a sense of uncertainty. When will we see each other again? How will our daughter manage with the adjustment? Will I be at the birth of our second child? Just who did Negan kill in The Walking Dead finale? All of these questions can only be answered with time, and whatever the answers we shall see them through together. Whether we’re under one roof or oceans apart, nothing can truly separate family.