It’s that time again, the time that comes around each year when I suddenly feel determined and capable enough to achieve the body that puberty could not. It’s taken a while this time around, but between my last post and today something seems to have stirred within.

Lots has happened in these two weeks. I worked my sixth Cheltenham festival which took up most of my blogging time, a real inconvenience to my personal life. Although we’ve seen a decline over the years, many of the punters were still giddy with excitement, which Is worse than dealing with their usual depressed selves. With so much adrenaline coursing through their vines, they now seemed compelled to engage me in tedious conversation. What part of my job in retail gives them the idea that I’m comfortable with partaking in verbal communication?

I will admit that I quite enjoy the festival myself and was feeling borderline excitement for each of the day’s events. Working the festival also allowed me to catch all the action on TV whilst being paid tuppence to do so. So I guess it wasn’t all bad. If I were at home I would have been competing with a scheming two year old for the remote, a hopeless task. I would have had more chance of finding Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence in my bedroom, re-enacting a famous scene with nothing but a red solo cup and a surprised look on their faces.

A rare pleasure came in the visit to the cinema for the much talked about Deadpool. It was a hoot. Like Kick Ass before it, the film was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise serious yet brilliant world of Marvel and DC adaptations, with the sheer quantity of dick jokes keeping my inner child happy until the much anticipated sequel. In fact, it has been a good couple of weeks for movies. I was able to catch the Oscar winning performance of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, which absolutely blew me away. The film was a marvel of direction and cinematography whilst Tom Hardy’s performance had me in awe, is there anything this man can’t do? Leonardo, on the other hand, got the gong for being his “very good” self without actually being exceptional.

Amongst all this and the other day to day happenings, I somehow found myself with the urge to bulk up once again. Don’t ask me where the idea came from, but for once I feel like in could do this. Summer is fast approaching our shores and tends to be my favourite day of the year, we even have a little getaway booked for the English coast, which has be realising I’m just not beach body ready. I’m a long way off “Sun’s out, Guns out” status, something which, if just for one day in my life, I would like to rectify.

I love a good project to keep me focused during my free time and together, my wife and I are determined to unleash the person within ourselves. Turning the whole project into a competition, we have taken things up a notch. With my pursuit to gain substantial weight and with it, my first pair of big boy trousers, and my wife’s goal to lose what I gain, what better way to motivate one another than to compete for a coveted prize each month.

Tipping the scale at a whopping 110.6lbs I begin the first month’s challenge. Should I gain more than my wife loses come April 20th, I shall receive my grand prize… A guilt free trip to see Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. If the idea of seeing two men in capes and spandex doesn’t get my blood pumping for the fight ahead, I don’t know what will.