To the mother of our daughter, I remember that moment as if it were yesterday, the moment we were greeted with the cries of a newborn baby. I remember it so well that I’d like to tell you the story from my point of view, the events that made you the mother you are today.

It began with conception. I shall spare everybody the story about the birds and the bees, you know I like to keep these blogs G-rated after all. However, it all began during our summer vacation. I can’t put my finger on it but there was something about the smell of the salty air combined with the seafood and Sun screen that drove you crazy for me. I don’t blame you of course. These were the days before marriage, before I’d begun to let myself go, putting on at least 3lbs give or take. We were young and wild during those summer night’s. “Took you bowling in the arcade, we went strolling and drank lemonade. We made out under the dock, we stayed up ’til ten O’clock” Tell you more? Alrighty then. The whole experience was like something out of a romantic Hollywood movie, only in this case we were in for a major sequel.

I soon returned home to England and back to the daily grind, working hard towards our wedding that was only ten months away. Not long after, we were hit with the news that would change everything. We were going to be parents. I can’t begin to describe all the thoughts and emotions that ran through my head at that time, I even had to pause my game of Call Of Duty just to let it sink in.

You were so scared and nervous about telling your parents and the rest of your family. How would they react to such news? You would tell your mother first, as was your plan with most things.
“If I tell my mum first, then she’ll be on my side when I tell my dad,” You had a wise head on your shoulders. Finally plucking up the courage to tell your mum that her eighteen year old daughter was pregnant, you were delighted to find comfort in her words and a warm embrace.
“My baby’s having a baby,” From there, the excitement would begin.

We cancelled our wedding and brought the date of our nuptials forward from April to November. Now five months pregnant, it was the first time we’d been together since the news had hit. Wanting your husband to be part of the experience, you had booked a 3D scan during my visit. We all gathered around in what was essentially a home cinema filled to the ceiling with pillows, as a projection of the scan was beamed onto the wall. There was a little frustration as Ava insisted on covering her face the whole time, an early sign she had your stubbornness. There were tears shed and songs sung as you and your mother excitedly looked upon our baby girl, while I on the other hand tilted my head every which way, wondering what on Earth I was looking at. A person? A burrito? I couldn’t tell.
“Oh yeah, I see the foot,” I lied, all the while dreading that at any moment the mood would shift and I’d be dropped straight into a scene from Alien.

It was a strange sensation to be doing these “baby things” all of a sudden. You had been experiencing pregnancy for five months now whilst I had been sheltered from it all, still relying on my own mother for clean underwear every morning. As new as it was for the both of us, you were already set to become a mother. You were in nesting mode and were getting everything set for our little bundle of trouble to enter the world. Being pregnent certainly suited you.

Alas, I was to leave you again, not returning until the week of our baby’s due date. A lot had changed during that time. You were now booked in for a scheduled cesarean on doctors orders as our daughter had inherited my large head. On March 28th 2013 we were at the hospital, awaiting the delivery of our baby. I sat by your side and talked to you the whole time, doing my best to avoid any of the funky business behind the makeshift curtain. All the drugs were having their affect because you were out of it, like half of my betting shop customers. It was then with a cough and a whine, our little Ava came to life. We were parents.

I couldn’t tell if it was sheer happiness or just all the drugs, but you beamed with your biggest stoner smile as your eyes wandered aimlessly. You couldn’t wait to hold our little love bug, despite whatever pain you were in afterward. You took to motherhood instantly, in fact I believe you were always meant for the job. To this day you look at babies with love in your eyes, and I know that you long for the day that you can welcome another soul into this world.

I couldn’t wish for a better mother for our daughter. She looks at you with the same love that you look at her. It’s a mother-daughter bond that I may never understand. You are a double act to rival all others and I get the honour of calling you both mine. Seeing the bond grow between the two of you has been a privilege and an absolute pleasure, whether you’re singing and dancing to your seemingly endless Disney album, or Ava is trying desperately to wear your makeup.

You have truly become her best friend and ultimate protector in life. When I get angry and shout at her for coming within twenty feet of one of my prized comic books, you give me a devilish look that says “Boy, I will cut you!” You are a mother not to be messed with. Your natural instincts and your loving heart make you an absolute prize to our daughter. I know that if she could put her love for you into words it would bring a tear to your eyes and a smile from ear to ear.

We would like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day my love, from myself and Ava, your two dependant children. We thank you for all that you continue to do for us, now and always.